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Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage experience performed by an esthetician. Pretty much as the name implies, this is the ideal methodology to relieve the stress and tightness caused by your hectic life so that you can return to schedule refreshed and rejuvenated. Your therapist will gently knead your muscles to increase flexibility, stimulate circulation, and promote relaxation. At Queensland Esthetic Studio, we want you to just let all your worries and stresses gradually float away, as we start our session of relaxation. With our nurturing, respectful and adoring touch, our fingers and hands are like sensors that can carefully feel all the tight areas on your body and we aim to slowly, comfortably and expertly help to release those areas and your stresses of the day or week.
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Facials & Make-up

Pamper yourself as you enjoy this extravagant facial treatment. Your skin advisor will give you a cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage and a mask application completely customized for you. This treatment incorporates an amplified relieving back rub of the face, decollate, shoulders, neck, hands and scalp.

Likewise incorporates a treatment masque, hydration, multivitamin hand treatment and foot rub. A Facial is customized to your skins exact needs, whatever they may be. Your advisor will utilize crucial items to outline a facial particularly for you and to help you accomplish your objectives. Our expert makeup services are a stunner adornment. Unobtrusive, simply enough or strong.
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Hand & foot Treatments

Queensland Esthetic Studio offers an extraordinary choice of administrations planned particularly to loosen up, re-adjust and make your own definitive experience. Queensland Esthetic Studio offers its own pedicure/nail trim bar where you can browse a few distinctive characteristic fixings, for example, Lemongrass Green Tea, Red Ginger, Vanilla Cream Scrubs and a mixed bag of calming fragrant veils. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable! Hand medicines incorporate massage, nail and fingernail skin care and foot medications incorporate lower leg and foot knead alongside nail and fingernail skin care and your decision of nail polish. The Queensland Esthetic Studio pedicure includes nail file and shape, cuticle treatment.
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We help all women discover their beauty by offering (Repechage) professional skin care and mineral make-up (Mirabella) and as well as home care treatments to get maximum results.

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